Rights, Responsibilities & Privacy

Your rights as a customer or client:

  • If you wish, you may bring someone to your sessions at GAHG P/L to help or support you. This could be a friend, a family member or someone from another service

  • If you are unsure about the information or advice a staff member has given you, you can ask to speak to another staff member

  • You can ask to be referred to a different service outside of GAHG P/L

  • You can cease at any time the service you receive from GAHG P/L

  • To receive safe and quality services from trained and experienced staff

Whatever service you access, we will:

  • Respect your needs

  • Provide you with information in the way that suits you best. This could be in the form of pictures, or written or spoken words

  • Help you to make the best choices for your needs

  • Make sure our staff have up-to-date training in the area of your needs

  • Tell you about other available services if GAHG P/Lcannot help you

  • Encourage you to ask questions

Your rights to privacy:

When you start with a service at GAHG P/Lyou will be asked to give your consent for us to keep information about you and the service you use. This information is kept private and secure; only the people who work with you are able to see it.

You will also be asked for your consent if:

  • Staff refer you to a service outside of GAHG P/L

  • A staff member wishes to talk to a member of your family

GOTYA staff do not need your consent in the following situations:

  • If they speak to another GAHG P/L staff member about the best service for you

  • If they are concerned about your health, safety or wellbeing

  • If a court of law subpoenas GAHG P/L for information about you

  • If a legal guardian or carer asks for information about the GAHG P/L services you access

GOTYA Privacy Officer:

Mail: 215 Pryor Rd Drouin Vic 3818


External Complaints:

Health Complaints Commissioner
1300 582 113

Disability Services Commissioner
1800 677 342

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner
1800 246 054