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Complaints & Feedback

Gippsland Allied Health Group Pty. Ltd. (GAHG P/L) values the perspective and input from our clients and the community and actively ensures that they have an accessible and a safe avenue for providing feedback that fosters a culture which supports clients and the community to make positive comments as well as raise complaints.

All feedback provides GAHG P/L with an opportunity to review services, facilities or systems which can lead to quality improvements for young people utilsing the service.


GAHG P/L has a commitment to the fair resolution of complaints by people at all levels in the organisation adopting the “Natural Justice Process”. This means that a minimum standard of fairness is to be applied to the investigation and resolution of a complaint.

GAHG P/L will ensure that all staff, volunteers, students and agency staff; are familiar and understand the GAHG P/L Client Complaints and Feedback process and that clients are aware of their right to make a complaint and the right to have an advocate to assist them with this process.

GAHG P/L is committed to acknowledge complaints within five working days of complaint received. For complex complaints, GOTYA will endeavour to complete the process within 28 days.

If complainer is not satisfied with GAHG P/L's internal process outcome, GAHG P/L will provide the complainer with information about the relevant external Complaints Management Commissioners.


Complaints and feedback can be submitted via email:

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