NDIS Participants

We enjoy working with NDIS participants, both Self and Plan Managed. The following GOTYA programs fit within most NDIS Plans:

  • Youth Adventure Program | YAP

  • Adventure Mentoring Program | AMP

  • Youth Adventure Camps

  • Bush Therapy

  • Counselling


We get many requests to provide Plan Managers quotes for plan renewals. Please get in contact if we can assist you with this. 

Support Items:

The following are the common Support Items we come across in many Plans that fit within our scope, We do invoice out under a few others also.

GOTYA Counselling & Outdoor Therapy 

Item #: Counselling15_043_0128_1_3​​

GOTYA Mentoring Programs

Item #: 04_210_0125_6_1 - Community, Social Recreational Activities        

​Item #: 09_006_0106_6_3 - Life Transition Planning incl mentoring