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Adventure Mentoring Program

A specialised, outdoor-based program to support complex young people  


We Work With Young People

  • In Out of Home Care (OOHC)

  • Engaged with Youth Justice

  • NDIS Participants

  • Disengaged or at-risk of disengaging from school

What we do

Staff utilise a combination of adventure activities,

mentoring and psychoeducation to support young

people to build capacity.

Our Staff
Staff are highly qualified and experienced in supporting complex young people. Our team are University and/or TAFE qualified in youth mental health, forensic behavioural science, community services & counselling. 


Staff posses Nationally Accredited Qualifications in a variety of adventure activities. All staff have completed Youth Mental Health First Aide, Suicide Awareness Training (ASIST) & attend Clinical Supervision.

Program Aims
Through engaging in peer-based community, social and recreational ac-tivities, the AMP supports young people to:

  • Meaningfully engage in the their community

  • Develop appropriate life skills

  • Promote independence



Regular engagement in the this program has shown young people to:

  • Develop stronger, more effective social skills

  • Better manage emotions

  • Lessen aggressive behaviours

  • Feel more contained & safe

  • Stronger engagement in the community

  • Increase school attendance

Impact & Structure

The AMP delivers rapid, effective support for young people.

The program structure is deliberate—

over each term program, the group retains the:

  • Same young people

  • Same Youth Mentor

Download the Handbook

for further information

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