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Industry Standards

All GOTYA outdoor programs adhere to the Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAAS) and the Good Practice Guide (GPG). The Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) and associated Good Practice Guides (GPG’s) provide essential information relating to the safe and responsible planning and delivery of adventure activities with dependent participants. 

The AAS supports providers to:

  • Develop contextually relevant risk management processes and procedures

  • Undertake planning to design, prepare and support adventure activity delivery

  • Identify and understanding the abilities and needs of participants and the importance of timely communications

  • Ensure that equipment and environments are appropriate and fit for purpose

  • Select leaders with appropriate skills and experience to lead the activity.

AAAS relevevnt to GOTYA Programs:


GOTYA is fully-insured for all outdoor activities and programs by industry-standard $20million public liability cover. This is also a requirement of State Government in order to maintain our Licensed Tour Operator permits.

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Licensed Tour Operator

GOTYA are a Licensed Tour Operator (LTO) with ParksVictoria (PV), and adhere to all required standards as set out by DEWLP and PV.

Lic. No. CA-1766

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