Youth Mentoring Program | YMP


Mentoring is one of the most effective strategies in keeping boys and young men engaged and safe. Whilst not a replacement for formal therapy, mentoring provides boys with a trusted older male to engage with. The mentor exists to simply provide another layer of support.


Boys who perhaps do not require counselling, but would benefit from regular contact with a trusted older male. The YMP is a good stepping-stone before engaging in the group-based YAP for some boys. This Program is able to be meaningfully delivered to boys:

  • Disengaged or at-risk of disengaging from school

  • Diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issues

    • Anxiety disorders

    • Depressive disorders

    • Suicide ideation

    • Self-harming behaviours

    • ODD, ADHD, ADD

    • Conduct Disorder 

  • Poor social and/or emotional skills

  • Trauma backgrounds

  • Aggressive behaviour/s

  • Chronic illness

  • Young people engaged in criminal activity or offending

  • Who would benefit from a positive male role model


GOTYA customise a program based on the needs and interests of the young person. Some examples of what we engage in include:​

  • Skateboarding, scooter riding at local skateparks

  • Swimming at local pools

  • Kicking soccer ball, footy, basketball

  • Mountain bike riding

  • Playing with the GOTYA dogs

  • Helping with homework

  • Fishing

  • Canoeing

  • Ten Pin Bowling

  • Mini Golf

  • 4WD trip

  • Campfire cooking

  • Exploring the bush

The Mentoring Program is popular with boys because it is hands-on, practical and customised to their interests. 

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