At GOTYA we know mentoring is one of the most effective strategies in keeping boys and young men engaged and safe. 

Not all young people 'doing it tough' need formal counselling or therapy, rather just someone they trust that they can talk to when they need.


The GOTYA Mentor Program is suitable for boys aged 8 - 17. This Program is able to be meaningfully delivered to young people dealing with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ADD, etc. 

Our Mentor

The GOTYA Youth Support Worker is skilled in supporting boys & young men in their early life-stages. He is often found with a GOTYA dog or two in tow.


GOTYA customise a program based on the needs and interests of the young person. Some examples of what we engage in include:

  • Going out for lunch

  • Skateboarding, scooter riding at local skateparks

  • Swimming at local pools

  • Kicking soccer ball, footy, basketball

  • Mountain bike riding

  • Going for a walk and chat

  • Playing with the GOTYA dogs

  • Helping with homework

  • Fishing

  • Canoeing

The Youth Mentor Program is popular with boys because it is hands-on, practical and customised to their interests. 

Case Management

All Mentoring clients are case managed, through detailed case notes. The Youth Support Worker is Supervised professionally by the GOTYA Manager. All activities are risk managed.

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