Bush Adventure Therapy

According to the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy (2018) bush therapy “is the practice of combining adventure and outdoor environments with the intention to achieve therapeutic outcomes for those involved”.


GOTYA bush adventure therapy blends practical activities and therapeutic approaches in order to facilitate the counselling process. Often, boys do not even realise they are engaged in this process, as they are occupied with the practical activity itself.

Research has found that natural environments offer a unique setting for intentional conversations and the gaining of helpful insights for young people. The aim is to support boys to act in healthier. less risky ways, 

Therapeutic Aims

The aims of the therapeutic element of GOTYA programs are:

Assessing the Issues

Traditional counselling can be beneficial and certainly has a place in the process of recovery, however; boys are not always able to engage meaningfully with this approach. We know that outdoor-based programs, comprised of small groups or 1:1/1:2 provides an environment that allows boys to be more open, and engaged, which allows staff to explore what might be causing concern for that young person.



Bush counselling allows staff to assess how young people are managing and provide support and care, where required. Theraptuic staff and Youth Support Workers may choose to talk through issues at the time or re-visit it in another session.


The desired impact is that young people begin to:

  • Discover their potential

  • Build resilience and confidence

  • Develop team work

  • Build healthy relationships

  • Develop helpful behaviours and

  • Hone protective life skills.


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